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Fri Mar 27 10:51:22 UTC 2015

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I wanted to reply to the reply I got, but couldn't find it, so hear
goes. It is true that you have to be somewhat advanced to know to
create a script in /etc/profile.d, but this is *necessary* for qt4
accessibility to work. Without this, the plugin is installed but no
program knows to use it. I would argue that the script be murged into
the main qt-at-spi package, rather than being left in the doc package.
That way even if it isn't included in fedora workstation by default,
which I'm hoping does happen, all the user has to do is install, and
then reboot to get qt applications talking. My logic is this: I'm
hoping to eventually get fedora to a point where a blind person,
completely new to linux, can pick it up and install and use it,
completely independently without having to do any configuring beyond
basic system configuration. Basically, all the accessibility parts
"just work" Fedora is very nearly there, with the exception of qt4
applications which is out of fedora's hands. I'm hoping eventually all
remaining apps switch over to qt5, which needs none of this. Qt5 apps
look for gnome's accessibility settings in dconf, and if they find it,
they load the accessibility plugins of qt, so they just work once the
screen reader is turned on.  I expect most open source apps will
Switch over. The proprietary ones are a different story, and I don't
expect fedora to go out of it's way to support nonfree apps, but for
now it's still necessary for even open source qt4 apps to have
qt-at-spi installed.  If installation on the live dvd isn't possible,
then I'll add a bit to the accessibility guide about qt applications,
so that at least a blind user can look for a solution to why his/her
qt apps are not talking.
Kendell clark
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kendell clark wrote:
> hi all I hesitate to do this because I"m not sure what the proper
> way is to request a package be installed in fedora by default, but
> I'd like to request that the package qt-at-spi be installed in all
> fedora releases from now on, at least until qt4 is eol and apps
> switch over to qt5. To be brief, qt-at-spi is a plugin that bridges
> the qAccessible API to at-spi, so that apps written in qt can talk
> to orca. Applications that use qt5 do not need this, the
> accessibility bits are built in to qt5. Along with qt-at-spi, if
> this gets included, a small script will need to be put into
> /etc/profile.d called, with the following
> content. export QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1. Once this is done, applications
> like vlc, mumble, etc read with orca. Until this is done these
> applications are silent. For some reason the qt-at-spi package 
> doesn't include this script.  This package needs no maintenance,
> once installed in the live image it's done, no further action is
> needed. qt-at-spi is no longer maintained upstream, and is only
> needed for qt4 applications I'm not sure if qt-at-spi pulls in most
> of qt with it, and if so I can see why it is not installed by
> default, but I don't believe it does Thanks Kendell clark Sent from
> Fedora GNU/Linux
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