package request: have qt-at-spi installed by default

Bastien Nocera bnocera at
Mon Mar 30 09:27:36 UTC 2015

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> kendell clark wrote:
> > It is true that you have to be somewhat advanced to know to
> > create a script in /etc/profile.d, but this is *necessary* for qt4
> > accessibility to work. Without this, the plugin is installed but no
> > program knows to use it.
> I just spoke with some upstream Qt/KDE accessiblity devs, and they continue
> to recommend that users of Qt4 applications to do some sort of opt-in (ie,
> set QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1 manually).  They said the support is just not good or
> reliable enough to justify enabling it by default for everyone.
> In short, I'd be in favor of including qt-at-spi in workstation's
> installation set (but not set QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1 automatically).

What would this bring, besides shortening the setup instructions?

> I could possibly be convinced to set QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1 conditionally
> somehow (based on some configuration key being set or not, for example)
> -- Rex
> p.s. This only applies to Qt4 applications, of course, Qt5 ones should work
> out of the box.

Which uses the same variable name as Qt4, which means we cannot enable it by default
when we install qt-at-spi.

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