Request to include gnome-maps by default in F22

Donald Buchan malak at
Tue Mar 31 03:13:30 UTC 2015

On Mon, 2015-03-30 at 19:04 -0400, White, Langdon wrote:


> I thought the point of gnome-software was to make apps discoverable
> without default installation. I believe that if you type "map" in the
> overview you get prompted to install maps,  which is great.


I have a literal mind:

I typed "map", and I got "character map", plus a bunch of my files which
the search engine considered relevant. (1)

I typed "gnome-map", and gnome-maps came up as an option along with the
game nibbles. (2)

I still support Langdon on this one, though.  I agree with the great
reasons to "include" it and "promote" it ... but what I loved about F21
over previous releases was that gnome-software and its integration with
the activities overview search function makes what is installed on the
system out of the box much less important, since if it wasn't, it could
easily be installed right away.

I think that "map" should show gnome-maps as suggested; after the
knee-jerk reaction, it took me a moment to think "ah, maybe I should
type "gnome-map" instead to see what happens" (which I'm not sure
*everyone* would think of) ...

Can I vote +/- O on this one? :)


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