City list in Anaconda and gnome-maps

Donald Buchan malak at
Tue Mar 31 04:24:51 UTC 2015

Since the subject of gnome-maps is current right now ...

When I installed Fedora 21, I was mildly piqued that I couldn't choose
Montreal, home for me.

According to the online Fedora Documentation, section 5.4.3 (1), "The
list of cities and regions comes from the Time Zone Database (tzdata)
public domain, which is maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers
Authority (IANA). The Fedora Project can not add cities or regions into
this database."

Ok, grumble grumble, I used to be able to choose Montreal in Anaconda.
I chose New York, about 595km away; I could have chosen Toronto at about
542km away.

After install gnome-maps today, I opened it and it immediately displayed
a map of New York City, presumably since gnome-maps looked up my city
location, which I entered in Anaconda, found New York, and displayed a
pin over New York City.

I assume that /usr/share/zoneinfo/ is populated from the Time Zone
Database; the files for the various regions are a little bit text and
apparently a good amount of binary.  Is there a way for the common user
to populate this directory with custom entries?

More generally, is there a way to specify a closer city in the settings
so that a user gets a ballpark useful starting location if their
hometown or metropolitan area isn't in the list mentioned above?



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