Anaconda wishlist

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at
Sat May 9 16:19:07 UTC 2015


I put together a desired installation experience wishlist. Let's
discuss and consider forwarding this to the Anaconda developers as a

* Remove the timezone selection spoke. This spoke is redundant with
* Remove or simplify the network configuration spoke. In the live
installer, this spoke allows setting only the system hostname, but it
follows different rules for setting the hostname than GNOME/systemd.
The spoke should either follow hostnamed's rules for pretty hostnames
(i.e. allows capital letters, spaces, etc. without any complaint), or
the spoke should be removed. If we keep it, it should allow the user
to set a "computer name" (avoiding technical terminology like
"hostname") and should not include the phrase "network configuration."
* Remove root password configuration. It's confusing how this is
different from the user's admin account password. Advanced users can
set a root password after installation if desired.
* Remove user account creation. This is redundant with gnome-initial
* Remove hub and spokes: simply go straight to keyboard layout
selection after language selection, then from there to disk layout,
optionally from there to the hostname panel, and then to the
installation progress panel. This last panel will need a bit of a
redesign, since it will be pretty empty otherwise.

Clearly this is mostly a list of things to remove, rather than things
to add. The goal is to make installation as simple and easy as

Changes to gnome-initial-setup: Skip language and keyboard layout
selection in user creation mode. These panels cannot reasonably be
removed from Anaconda, so we should use them only in existing user
mode (when a new user account is created after installation). They're
redundant in user creation mode.

This proposal leaves the disk layout spoke untouched, which is the
most confusing portion of the installation experience, but it's more
than enough changes for one release already.


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