Improving DevAssistant: 100 GitHub Stars Beer Competition

Bohuslav Kabrda bkabrda at
Sat Feb 7 08:27:40 UTC 2015

Hey all,
following my yesterday's announcement during DevConf presentation (*), I'm now announcing the "DevAssistant 100 Github Stars Beer Competition" also here. Read on if you want to improve DevAssistant and get a beer out of it :)

I've been noticing that the number of DevAssistant's Github stars has been growing for some time, counting 80 at this moment. That's not bad, people know about us!
Being a "BDFL" [1] for DevAssistant, I like when it's being noticed. I also like when it gets patches from wider community, when it gains new features or gets a bug fixed.

Therefore I'm annoucing the "DevAssistant 100 GitHub Stars Beer Competition".

Q: What is it about?
A: The competition is meant to make DevAssistant a better tool, to attract more developers and grow the community.

Q: How do I take part in the competition?
A: That's very easy! You don't have to sign anywhere or tell anyone. Just do one of these things before DevAssistant gets 100 GitHub stars:
   1) Send a pull request that implements a nice feature, adds documentation or fixes a non-trivial bug (I will be the one deciding whether the new feature is nice enough or bug is complex enough :)). It's entirely up to you what you implement - if we accept the pull request and it's non-trivial, you win!
   2) Create a great assistant [2], upload it to DAPI and have it among first 10 "Top rated daps", while also having it among 10 "Most rated daps" on DAPI [2] on the day that DevAssistant gets 100 stars.
   3) Have a presentation about DevAssistant and send me your slides and a picture of you presenting.

Q: Do only DevAssistant contributions count?
A: No. All contributions to following projects will be evaluated:
   - # DevAssistant core
   - # DevAssistant PingPong
   - # DevAssistant Package Index
   - # landing page
   - Creating DevAssistant PingPong protocol implementation for a scripting language of your choice (but you must be the first one for that language)

Q: Where's the beer in that?
A: I'll invite everyone who fullfills one of the above criteria for a beer (or, if there's a little chance that we'll ever meet, I'll try mailing you a great beer).

Q: What if I don't like beer?
A: If you don't like beer, you can choose a different beverage, assuming it won't cost me a little fortune.

Q: When does the competition start?
A: Right now!

I'll announce the winners here after we get the 100th GitHub star. I'm out of the competition, of course. I can buy myself a beer anytime I want and I don't even have to do any coding for that :)
Feel free to spread this message as much as you want! I just hope that it won't ruin me...


(*) The presentation seems to not have been recorded due to some problem...

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