REMINDER: Test machine resources for package maintainers

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Sun Jul 11 01:10:51 UTC 2010


I'd like to remind package maintainers that there are some test
machine resources they can use to help them in maintaining Fedora

for more information and FAQ. 

Recent changes include: 

- I have added a RHEL6b2 test machine. This may help EPEL-6 maintainers
  check for packages or test/debug their packages. 

- EOL Fedora release test machines have been taken down, but I still
  have the disk images, etc. If anyone needs some information about a
  F9, F10, F11 machine, contact me and I will try and bring up the
  instance for you to use on a temporary basis. 

Please see the above page or contact me directly for any more

Happy maintaining!

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