Bodhi 0.7.5 release

Luke Macken lmacken at
Tue Jun 29 22:37:52 UTC 2010


I just pushed a version 0.7.5 of bodhi into production.  This release 
contains the following notable changes:

proventesters & strict critical path update handling

Critical path package[0] updates now require positive karma from two
proventesters[1], and a single +1 from one other community member.

You can get a list of critical path updates using the bodhi web interface:

You can optionally pass in a specific 'release' or an 'untested' flag, 
which will return a list of critical path updates that have yet to be 
approved.  I have not added these links to the main interface yet, 
because at the moment they are fairly expensive calls.  This will be 
addressed in an upcoming release.

The latest command-line client also supports these options as well:

     $ bodhi --critpath --untested --release F13

Auto-obsoletion re-enabled

I re-enabled the auto-obsoletion code in bodhi.  This means that new 
updates will automatically obsolete older testing updates containing the 
same packages.  The new update will also inherit all of the old updates 
bugs and notes.  This code had been disabled for a while now, due to 
some nasty edge cases, but those have since been resolved.

If you experience any problems, please file tickets here:




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