Open Seat on the Fedora Packaging Committee

Tom "spot" Callaway tcallawa at
Wed Sep 1 20:10:00 UTC 2010

The Fedora Packaging Committee has an open seat. Are you interested in
helping to decide the packaging standards and guidelines for Fedora? Are
you familiar with the inner workings of RPM and its spec file magic? Do
you make the wiki cry? Does trac tremble in your wake? Are you
clinically insane? (Well, the last one isn't mandatory, but it helps.)

Members of the Fedora Packaging Committee get:
* My neverending gratitude
* The ability to tell people "I'm on the Fedora Packaging Committee"
* Good karma
* Cake

The FPC meets weekly on IRC, Tuesdays at 1600 UTC

If you're interested in this seat, please email me.


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