Fedora 15 Alpha to slip by one week

Robyn Bergeron rbergero at redhat.com
Thu Feb 24 00:45:44 UTC 2011

Today at the Go/No-Go meeting[1] we decided to slip the Alpha by one week.

The slip is due to a blocker bug affecting a number of non-US keyboard 
layouts, including German and French[2], which does not currently have a 
fix or a reasonable workaround.  All other blocker bugs are currently in 
VERIFIED, or alternately, have workarounds documented in F15_Common_bugs.

At this time, we are not adjusting later milestone dates.

We will continue with the F15 Alpha readiness meeting tomorrow, as 
previously announced on the logistics mailing list, and will have 
another F15 Alpha Blocker Bug meeting Friday.

Thanks for your understanding.  We will meet again next week for another 
GO/NO-GO meeting.



[2] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=676827

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