evolution-data-server (2.91.5) soname bump and library files location changes in Rawhide

Milan Crha mcrha at redhat.com
Mon Jan 10 10:06:25 UTC 2011

with the recent evolution-data-server 2.91.5 release in Rawhide are done
some internal changes in the soname versions and a location where the
backend files for the addressbook and calendar should be saved.

>From the commit log:

    Change the installation path for E-D-S backends.
    Address book and calendar backend modules are now split into
    different installation directories so the D-Bus factory processes
    will only load relevant backend modules.
    This changes some pkg-config details for third-party backend
    Instead of querying the backend directory with:
      pkg-config --variable=extensiondir evolution-data-server-1.2
    you must query the directory for address book backends with:
      pkg-config --variable=backenddir libedata-book-1.2
    and the directory for calendar backends with:
      pkg-config --variable=backenddir libedata-cal-1.2


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