bodhi v0.7.10 production update

Luke Macken lmacken at
Mon Jan 10 23:46:02 UTC 2011

I just pushed a new release of bodhi into production.

It's a minor release that contains a small number of fixes, including:

    Backend bug fixes
        - Don't try and remove the -pending koji tags when resuming a push
        - Don't fetch security bug details when resuming a push
        - Don't show obsolete critpath updates in our testing digest
        - Ensure the updateinfo epoch is '0' as opposed to None (rel-eng#3971)
        - Stop spamming proventesters with old critpath mails, as this
          data is available in the updates-testing digests that go out with
          each push

    Web frontend changes
        - Fix the testing status tooltips for EPEL (#486)
        - Add the update ID back to the search results (#558)
        - Don't hide updates that are not approved by the security team
          from the admin push view, since we no longer require approval

    API changes (for AutoQA)
        - Support querying and commenting on updates by the Update ID, as well as title

    Tool changes
        - Make `bodhi --push-type` work for updates going to testing as
          well as stable (rel-eng only)
        - Add pkg_resources __requires__ hacks to get things working on F14

As always, please file tickets here:



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