Fedora 16 Schedule Reminders - Feature Submission and Feature Freeze.

Robyn Bergeron rbergero at redhat.com
Mon Jul 11 20:14:10 UTC 2011

A few friendly reminders:

* The Feature Submission deadline for Fedora 16 is *tomorrow*, July 12. 
The current process for submitting a feature for Fedora 16 can be seen 
here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Policy

* Feature Freeze comes quickly after the Feature Submission deadline, on 
July 26.  Please note that at this point, Features should be 
*substantially complete and in a testable state.*  For more information 
on the Feature Freeze policy, please read: 

And finally.... for those of you interested in seeing how the Feature 
List is shaping up for Fedora 16, it is up to date with the latest and 
greatest approvals from today's FESCo meeting.


This is where I'm going to put on my Gentle Reminder Hat, and give 
everyone a chance to go into their individual feature pages and update 
their percentage complete, and update their "Last Updated" date, which I 
will apply to the main FeatureList page.  Your efforts here are 
appreciated, and help a number of groups understand how close you are to 
completion, or conversely, if you are at risk of not making deadlines.

If percentages don't start getting updated, and "last-updated" dates 
aren't getting touched, I'll be reaching out to folks individually, but 
I would prefer to see that people take the initiative and keep those 
things up.  Otherwise I have to get out the not-so-Gentle-Reminder-Hat, 
and frankly, I don't look very good in that one.

Communication is the key here.  If you believe you are *at risk* of not 
making the Feature Freeze, please update your feature page accordingly.

The rest of the schedule, as always, can be seen here: 



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