Bodhi v0.8 in production

Luke Macken lmacken at
Fri Jun 10 17:21:01 UTC 2011

Frontend Web/Client Changes

    * Buildroot Override Management
    * Make update notes mandatory (fesco#457)
    * Gracefully handle invalid update template values (#597)
    * Fixed a bug that would prevent people from editing updates

Backend Changes

    * Support blacklisting certain users from receiving bodhi emails (for autoqa)
    * More robust handling of 'pending' koji tags (#594)
    * More configurable for non-Fedora deployments
    * Added more metrics to our report generator
        * # of updates that reach the stable karma threshold
        * # of updates that spent the minimum time in testing
        * # of proventester karma types
        * output:

API Changes

    * Optimize our 'list' API when querying updates by bug number (#610)
    * Support adding comments without triggering email notifications (to prevent AutoQA spamming)
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