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noriko noriko at
Mon Mar 21 23:57:43 UTC 2011

(cc'd to trans at lists)
Dear Fedora package maintainers

Could you all please take a few minutes and check if your packages are 
on the list [1] and set to allow Fedora Localization Project to translate?

- setuptool:
- pam_krb5:
- pkinit-nss:

* The above packages are on the list but do not allow Fedora 
Localization teams to upload the translated files. This means that these 
packages will not receive any translation from FLP. Please change the 
setting to allow FLP, or advise us if the maintainers choose having 
their own translation teams. In that case, the packages may be removed 
from the list of Fedora Project on


Fedora Localization Project

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