[Guidelines Change] Changes to the Packaging Guidelines

Tom Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Wed May 18 17:49:05 UTC 2011

Here are the latest changes to the Fedora Packaging Guidelines:


A section has been added to the SysVInitScript guidelines covering the
optional situation where a package that uses systemd unit files as the
default also includes sysv initscripts in a subpackage:



The GIO scriptlets have been changed to not conditionalize the %post
invocation. This works around a multilib issue.



The guideline that prohibits Fedora packages from using /srv has been
updated to better represent what the FHS has to say about /srv and to
clarify the expectations for Fedora packages which may be configured to
use /srv.



It was brought to the FPC's attention that while the new Guidelines
covering MinGW packaging were technically correct, Fedora 16 did not yet
contain the necessary toolchain to support the new Guidelines, nor was
it clear that it would arrive in rawhide anytime soon.

Accordingly, the "old" MinGW guidelines were put back in place at:

The "new" MinGW guidelines remain approved, but are not active and
packagers should not use them at this time. If/when the necessary
toolchain components are packaged in Fedora, these guidelines will be

In addition, the current MinGW guidelines were improved slightly to
support the "new" SRPM naming standard. This is intended to prevent new
MinGW packages from having to be re-reviewed when the "new" MinGW
guidelines take effect.


These guidelines (and changes) were approved by the Fedora Packaging
Committee (FPC).

Many thanks to Kalev Lember, Matthew Miller, Michael Schwendt, and all
of the members of the FPC, for assisting in drafting, refining, and
passing these guidelines.

As a reminder: The Fedora Packaging Guidelines are living documents! If
you find something missing, incorrect, or in need of revision, you can
suggest a draft change. The procedure for this is documented here:



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