Virtual Fedora Activity Day: Fedora Hosted 2.0 (2011-11-16 at 20UTC)

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Nov 14 18:47:00 UTC 2011


Fedora Infrastructure is in the planning stages for migrating over to new hardware. As part of this planning we
would like to hold a Virtual Fedora Activity day in the #fedora-fad
IRC channel on freenode. 
(or any other places that make sense after we organize in #fedora-fad)

Things we are going to work on/plan: 

* Migrating to new hardware, possibly splitting it out
  into multiple machines, and/or making it easier to migrate instances
  around for capacity/other reasons. 

* Migrating to a RHEL6 base OS, including newer trac, newer scms, and
  newer software in general. Testing plans, checking what things
  migrate nicely, etc. 

* Migrating mailing lists over to our collab servers to reduce load on
  hosted machines. Or perhaps a dedicated hosting mailing list machine. 

* Making things easier to support or add new services. 


* A plan for what machines/instances we need to install and what they
  will be used for. 
* A SOP for migrating a project from the old fedorahosted machine to
  new one(s), listing step by step the process. 
* A list of end developer/user visible changes and actions needed
  (hopefully few to none). 
* A deadline for migrating instances to the new setup. 

If you are a developer that uses or have interest in
infrastructure and helping plan migrations, we would love to hear from
you. If you're unable to attend the vFAD, feel free to email me or the
infrastructure list with your ideas or suggestions. 

Help us make fedorahosted the best place to host your code or project!

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