Bodhi 0.8.4 in production

Luke Macken lmacken at
Mon Nov 21 16:28:17 UTC 2011


A new bugfix release of bodhi has just hit production.


- A new URL structure implemented, based on discussions from fedora devel
  list[0]. Testing & stable updates will now have the following URLs:

      /updates/<unique ID>/<comma-delimited list of builds>

  Bodhi only cares about the ID of the update, as the builds may be edited
  over time. This new URL scheme is complementary, and all previous URLs
  will continue to work.

- Fixed an issue with email encoding using TurboMail 3.0[1].
  This bug prevented various email notifications from going out

- Changed the login link so that it can be friendlier if only a missing
  csrf_token is preventing a use from being deemed logged in.

- Allow provenpackagers to submit any buildroot override

- Added some new critical path proventester metrics[3]

- Less update comment spam when we have to resume failed pushes.

- Fixed a bug in the auto-obsoletion code that occurs when a multi-build
  update contains the same number of builds as a previous update for
  that package, but with at least one different package.[4]

- Fixed a CSS bug that prevented the unit tests from being visible in
  some browsers[5]


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