New bodhi bugfix release in production

Luke Macken lmacken at
Tue Oct 25 21:18:34 UTC 2011

bodhi v0.8.3

Yesterday I pushed out a new bugfix release of bodhi into production. The
bodhi-client is currently on it's way to updates-testing for all releases.

I raced to get this out before the infrastructure freeze today, and since then
there have already been many more bugfixes in git, so expect another release
shortly after F16 is released.

Please file bugs here:

Client fixes

- bodhi -L dies with out-of-range exception after branching f16

- bodhi -r dist-f14 -b 676195 don't respect -r option

Server fixes

- Default to update ID-based URLs

- fedora-easy-karma submits too many comments to bodhi when bodhi has a server problem (edit)

- Bodhi no longer adds comments to Security Response bugs

Buildroot override fixes

- Buildroot overrides require commit access to devel branch rather than branch
  override applies to

- Cannot request build root override

- buildroot overrides stay after expiration date

Masher fixes

- Updates-testing report emails should use package names not update number

- Current updateinfo data is broken (epoch="None")

- Fedora Update System suggests to reboot when not asked to do so

Package fixes

- bodhi-server should require python-fedora-turbogears

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