Remaining F16 blockers and F16 planning (2011-10-27)

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Fri Oct 28 16:01:46 UTC 2011

[meant to go out last night but failed thanks to internet connection

Yes, it's episode three of the blockbuster 'Remaining F16 blockers'
trilogy - thanks for lining up all week, folks, have a complimentary
small popcorn.

As mentioned last time, we span a TC3 image for testing while we try to
zap the remaining blockers:

It has the rebuilt glibc and all affected packages rebuilt against that
glibc. See the TC3 announce for more details. Onto the main event!

1. "repoclosure
failure on 16.TC3 DVD - PackageKit-zif-0.6.19-3.fc16 requires zif >=

This is new in TC3, but it's straightforward and should be easy to solve
for the next compose. No action really needed.

2. "New Install of
Fedora 16 TC1 on iBFT iSCSI NIC fails on first reboot"

We've got more data on this one since last time; given that data it'll
likely get dropped from the blocker list, but we'll poke it a bit more
first to make sure.

3. "KDE fails to
start inside a VM , large amount of memory [@ miCopyRegion]"

We've had some progress on this one today but it still needs work; with
qxl driver, KDE no longer crashes, but has serious rendering problems.
We also determined the issue with the cirrus driver (which is used in
older KVM configs, and 32-bit VMs) is separate and needs to be addressed
separately. Soren says he hopes to have this fixed early tomorrow.

4. "Mimetype tree is
not a DAG!" errors + crashes when using SMI 0.91"

This causes crashes in some KDE apps, it's already fixed, so the only
action is to pull in the fixed build for the next compose.

5. "KDE fails to start
in side a VM using the cirrus driver and 'raster' Qt renderer"

This is the cirrus KDE bug: we need X developers to fix this if
possible. I've tried to contact all who may be able to work on it,
including upstream.

6. "Setting back time
breaks boot"

We've worked out more stuff about this one since yesterday; we may be
able to declare it not a blocker based on the various workarounds
available, but we could really do with input from Lennart on why systemd
apparently doesn't provide the emergency mode sometimes when
systemd-fsck fails.

7. "Totem doesn't
display video when using software 3D rendering"

We're still really waiting on ajax (or anyone)... to fix this one. We've
confirmed that every test case we've tried with no hardware-accelerated
3D rendering causes broken gstreamer video.

8. "date doesn't set
persistent date"

This is newly proposed and could do with more info, but may well not
really be serious enough to take as a blocker.

We're obviously pushing the F16 schedule quite hard at this point, but
we can still stay on track if we manage to get all the blockers
addressed tomorrow; we will try to get all validation tests done against
TC3 so we can be reasonably sure there are no other blockers lurking,
and that should give us a reasonable chance at spinning an RC1 with the
extra fixes that passes testing on the first try.

Please, help out with any of the above bugs you can. Thanks everyone!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | adamwfedora

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