Fedora 17 for Power Alpha Announcement

David Aquilina dwa at redhat.com
Tue Apr 10 19:51:42 UTC 2012

Time flies like the wind...

As it's already time again for another Fedora release on Power, this
time for Fedora 17 Alpha.

We've hit a couple of bumps along the road to the Alpha, but at long
last we're finally at a state where we're ready to release it to the

Due to lack of developer time and hardware, Apple hardware support is at
this point completely untested. Especially with the switch to grub2 we
rely on community feedback and participation to make this work for this
release. So if you have the hardware and want it to work, patches
welcome! :)

The bits are available from your closest mirror:


More details about this Alpha release can be found here:


One of our focuses in the lead up to the beta of Fedora 17 for Power
will be addressing architecture-specific packaging issues in as many
packages as possible. If you own a package in Fedora which has
ExclusiveArch or ExcludeArch set, please take a moment to verify that
the architectures you've excluded or are exclusive to are still correct
and sane. 

I want to thank everyone involved in making this happen once more. Many
Fedora packagers and contributors have again stepped up and helped fix
issues that only appeared on Power hardware. Moreover the whole Fedora
Secondary Arch team has been doing a fantastic job to get us to where we
are now, especially considering that we had a complete switch of
builders and hub hardware, mass rebuild and a hub failure along the way!

As usual, you can reach the whole team on the #fedora-ppc IRC channel on
FreeNode and via our email list:


And we have our Secondary Arch wiki with (decently) updated information:


For Phil, Karsten, and the entire Fedora for Power team, 
Thanks & regards, 

David Aquilina
Release Engineer
Red Hat, Inc.

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