New bodhi release in production

Luke Macken lmacken at
Thu Aug 9 21:53:41 UTC 2012

A new release of Bodhi has just been deployed to production.

Bugs and enhancement requests can be filed here:

Major changes in bodhi 0.9.2

- fedmsg support! Bodhi now fires off messages for various events
  that occur. Join #fedora-fedmsg to see it in action. (Ralph Bean)

- Re-organized the links on the front page, and link to the new Update
  Feedback Guidelines

- The submitter of an update can no longer effect the karma (Till Maas)

- Fix duplicate status change email notifications. (Till Maas)

- Mention age of updates in testing digest mails (Till Maas)

- Support e-mail threading in notification e-mails (Till Maas)

- Add X-Bodhi mail headers (Till Maas)

- Gracefully handle private bugs (Cole Robinson)

- Set the default request for new updates to 'testing' in the web form

- Fix a bug in our critpath policy that occurs when a critical path update
  to a pre-release reaches the minimum amount of time in testing, but is
  unable to push to stable.

- Fixed the input box alignment in the login box (Kalpa Welivitigoda)

Full list of changes since 0.8.7

Kalpa Welivitigoda (1):
      fixed input box alignment issue in login box #579

Luke Macken (25):
      Convert our tags_url to a byte string before passing it to urlgrabber.
      Add a script to detect when older builds become the 'latest' in stable
      Update our test suite to reproduce ticket [ticket:683]
      Fix a bug in our critpath policy ([ticket:683]).
      Set the default request for new updates to 'testing'
      Clean up EOL buildroot overrides in our rmrelease tool (bz#818617)
      Fix a busted unit test (test_push_EPEL_critpath_before_tested)
      Add pkg_resources __requires__ hacks to bodhi tools to mitigate version
      Handle the case where a release doesn't have any overrides
      Change our X-Bodhi-Update-Release header to use the short name
      Apply a modified patch from Cole Robinson to gracefully handle private bugs (#639605)
      Update our unit tests to assume submitters cannot alter karma
      Merge branch 'bodhi1-fedmsg' into feature/bodhi1-fedmsg
      Merge branch 'feature/bodhi1-fedmsg' into develop
      Fix a typo in the metrics tool
      Fix a typo in the new mail headers
      Re-organize our links, and add one to the new update feedback guidelines
      Clean up stray buildroot overrides
      Version bump for 0.9.2
      Our build script uses bz2
      Merge branch 'release/0.9.2'

Mathieu Bridon (6):
      Have bodhi-init create all the tables
      masher: Fix the comparison
      masher: Reuse variable
      setup: Fix the Turbogears version requirement
      Don't version control auto-generated files
      setup: Add missing dependencies

Ralph Bean (19):
      Sending messages with fedmsg.
      No longer using fedmsg schema/validation.
      fedmsg.ini ->
      More detail in the update.complete message.
      More concise send_message calls.
      Ignore dev db.
      Merge branch 'master' into bodhi1-fedmsg
      Updates for the latest fedmsg.  Getting tests passing.
      Merge branch 'master' into bodhi1-fedmsg
      Ignore mashing fedora file.
      Fixed what I think is a regression in login template.
      Merge branch 'master' into bodhi1-fedmsg
      Update to test fedmsg config.  Work with both tests and under WSGI.
      Version bump for fedmsg in staging.
      Only send the comment with a comment is added, not the whole update.
      Using a "bodhi" user/group for mod_wsgi.
      fedmsg+ssl changes to bodhi.spec.
      Use modern fedmsg config format.
      Disable message signing for bodhi tests.

Till Maas (8):
      Add X-Bodhi mail headers
      Support e-mail threading in notification e-mails
      Mention age of updates in testing digest mails
      Use format string instead of string concatenation
      Import exceptions from sqlite3
      Remove files used by mercurial Change karma from Submitter to 0
      Fix notification on automatic status change

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