F18 Release Notes

Pete Travis lists at petetravis.com
Tue Sep 18 00:24:16 UTC 2012


   As the Fedora Documentation Project prepares the release notes for
Fedora 18, we'd like to ask for your help.  Each Fedora release marks
the inclusion of new features and the retirement of others, and with
the help of the development community, we won't skip a beat. The Docs
team would like you to assign us some homework.

   The release notes are divided up into categories, or 'beats.' Each
beat is kept by a volunteer who follows mailing lists, changelogs,
announcements, and features in the space. Many beats also have a
developer point of contact for technical questions and cooperation. We
track these responsibilities with
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Documentation_beats , which
includes links out to wiki pages for each individual beat.  As we
reach the end of the release cycle, developers and docs maintainers
populate these pages, then they are converted from wiki markup to
Docbook XML and published. With a little help, we can put out release
notes that can't be beat.

   If you're working on something for Fedora, we'd like to make sure
you get the credit you deserve. Leave us a quick note on a beats page,
send it to our mailing list (
http://lists.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/docs ), or join us in
#fedora-docs. You don't need to worry about language and composition
or even spelling - just let us know what you've been working on that
you'd like documented and we'll take it from there.

   We *really* don't want you to beat yourself up about presentation.
A simple "make sure you mention this new feature" is enough. We're
happy to do the research and compose the prose. Knowing where to start
writing makes the process considerably more efficient, just as a brief
note on hundreds of features from each developer is more effective
than a handful of docs maintainers trying to follow all of hundreds of

   Thanks for helping us represent your work to the users,

Pete Travis,
The Fedora Docs Team

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