[ACTION REQUIRED] Retiring packages for Fedora 20 v2

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Sat Aug 10 18:50:26 UTC 2013

The following packages are orphaned or did not build for two
releases and will be retired when Fedora (F20) is branched, unless someone
adopts them. If you know for sure that the package should be retired, please do
so now with a proper reason:

According to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Schedule branching will
occur not earlier than 2013-08-20. The packages will be retired shortly before.

Note: If you received this mail directly you (co)maintain one of the affected
packages or a package that depends on one.

              Package                            (co)maintainers            
PyOpenGL                              orphan                                
bluecove                              orphan                                
bunny                                 orphan                                
cal3d                                 orphan                                
cpptasks                              orphan                                
dayplanner                            orphan, rakesh                        
drehatlas-warender-bibliothek-fonts   orphan, fonts-sig                     
examiner                              orphan                                
firmware-extract                      orphan, mebrown, praveenp             
firstboot                             orphan, msivak, mgracik, clumens, bcl 
gkrellm-timestamp                     orphan                                
gnaural                               orphan                                
justmoon                              orphan, mmahut                        
lybniz                                orphan                                
manaplus                              orphan                                
mars-sim                              orphan, mmahut                        
openstack-tempo                       orphan, vaneldik, josecastroleon,     
osgal                                 orphan                                
python-durus                          orphan                                
python3-cherrypy                      orphan                                
txt2rss                               orphan                                
zanata-python-client                  orphan, seanf, jamesni, dchen,        

The following packages require above mentioned orphaned/FTBS packages:
Depending on: PyOpenGL
	cura (maintained by: churchyard)
		cura requires PyOpenGL = 3.0.1-7.fc20

	impressive (maintained by: mjg)
		impressive requires PyOpenGL = 3.0.1-7.fc20

	pipviewer (maintained by: fab)
		pipviewer requires PyOpenGL = 3.0.1-7.fc20

	pycam (maintained by: zultron)
		pycam requires PyOpenGL = 3.0.1-7.fc20

	pygtkglext (maintained by: jwrdegoede, turki)
		pygtkglext requires PyOpenGL = 3.0.1-7.fc20

	qmforge (maintained by: jussilehtola)
		qmforge requires PyOpenGL = 3.0.1-7.fc20

Depending on: cpptasks
	gluegen (maintained by: limb, teseu)
		gluegen requires cpptasks = 1.0b5-9.fc19

	gluegen2 (maintained by: davidcl, davidcl)
		gluegen2 requires cpptasks = 1.0b5-9.fc19
		gluegen2-devel requires cpptasks = 1.0b5-9.fc19

	jogl (maintained by: limb, davidcl)
		jogl requires cpptasks = 1.0b5-9.fc19

	jogl2 (maintained by: davidcl, java-sig)
		jogl2 requires gluegen2 = 2.0-0.9.rc12.fc20
		jogl2 requires gluegen2-devel = 2.0-0.9.rc12.fc20

	scilab (maintained by: davidcl)
		scilab requires jogl2 = 2.0-0.9.rc11.fc20
		scilab requires jogl2 = 2.0-0.9.rc11.fc20

	scirenderer (maintained by: davidcl, java-sig)
		scirenderer requires jogl2 = 2.0-0.9.rc11.fc20
		scirenderer requires jogl2 = 2.0-0.9.rc11.fc20

Depending on: manaplus
	tmw (maintained by: mgieseki)
		tmw requires manaplus =

	tmw-music (maintained by: mgieseki)
		tmw-music requires tmw = 20130201-2.fc20

Affected (co)maintainers
bcl: firstboot
churchyard: PyOpenGL
clumens: firstboot
davidcl: cpptasks
dchen: zanata-python-client
fab: PyOpenGL
fonts-sig: drehatlas-warender-bibliothek-fonts
jamesni: zanata-python-client
java-sig: cpptasks
josecastroleon: openstack-tempo
jussilehtola: PyOpenGL
jwrdegoede: PyOpenGL
limb: cpptasks
markmc: openstack-tempo
mebrown: firmware-extract
mgieseki: manaplus
mgracik: firstboot
mjg: PyOpenGL
mmahut: justmoon, mars-sim
msivak: firstboot
petersen: zanata-python-client
praveenp: firmware-extract
rakesh: dayplanner
seanf: zanata-python-client
teseu: cpptasks
turki: PyOpenGL
vaneldik: openstack-tempo
zultron: PyOpenGL

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