[ACTION REQUIRED] Retiring long-term FTBFS packages for Fedora 20

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Mon Aug 19 21:05:32 UTC 2013

The following packages did not build for two releases and will be
retired around 2013-08-26 unless someone rebuilds them or announces to
actively working on fixing them.

Note: If you received this mail directly you (co)maintain one of the affected
packages or a package that depends on one.

        Package                            (co)maintainers
curry                     gemi, oliver
eclipse-phpeclipse        mbooth, swagiaal
libgarmin                 fab
libvpd                    emunson, hegdevasant, fkocina, lnykryn, rrakus,
lsvpd                     emunson, hegdevasant, fkocina, lnykryn, wolfy,
                          rrakus, jskala
mod_mono                  chkr
nautilus-sendto-trac      mbooth
open-cobol                s4504kr
petitboot                 dwmw2, tbreeds, jwboyer
python-pylons             kylev, cicku
simulavr                  ndim
smart                     athimm, scop
synce-connector           awjb
tango-icon-theme          cwickert
tango-icon-theme-extras   cwickert

The following packages require above mentioned FTBS packages:
Depending on: python-pylons
	python-repoze-what-pylons (maintained by: spot, lmacken)
		python-repoze-what-pylons requires python-pylons = 1.0-4.fc17

Depending on: smart
	PackageKit (maintained by: rhughes, rdieter, stefw, jcm, rnorwood, lmacken, rhughes, timlau, tuxbrewr)
		PackageKit-smart requires smart = 1.3.1-68.fc17

	fedora-package-config-smart (maintained by: athimm, scop)
		fedora-package-config-smart requires smart = 1.3.1-68.fc17

Depending on: synce-connector
	synce-gnome (maintained by: awjb)
		synce-gnome requires odccm = 0.15.2-5.fc17

	synce-kpm (maintained by: awjb)
		synce-kpm requires odccm = 0.15.2-5.fc17

Depending on: tango-icon-theme
	gnome-theme-curvylooks (maintained by: pgordon)
		gnome-theme-curvylooks requires tango-icon-theme = 0.8.90-6.fc17

Affected (co)maintainers
athimm: smart
awjb: synce-connector
chkr: mod_mono
cicku: python-pylons
cwickert: tango-icon-theme-extras, tango-icon-theme
dwmw2: petitboot
emunson: lsvpd, libvpd
fab: libgarmin
fkocina: lsvpd, libvpd
gemi: curry
hegdevasant: lsvpd, libvpd
jcm: smart
jskala: lsvpd, libvpd
jwboyer: petitboot
kylev: python-pylons
lmacken: python-pylons, smart
lnykryn: lsvpd, libvpd
mbooth: nautilus-sendto-trac, eclipse-phpeclipse
ndim: simulavr
oliver: curry
pgordon: tango-icon-theme
rdieter: smart
rhughes: smart
rnorwood: smart
rrakus: lsvpd, libvpd
s4504kr: open-cobol
scop: smart
spot: python-pylons
stefw: smart
swagiaal: eclipse-phpeclipse
tbreeds: petitboot
timlau: smart
tuxbrewr: smart
wolfy: lsvpd

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