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Thu Aug 29 06:37:38 UTC 2013

The Fedora Documentation Project, as part of the Changes process, is
using bugzilla tickets to track the documentation of Changes.  Those of
you tracking tickets for System Wide Changes probably noticed that I
recently cloned your bugs for this, and I'll move on to the and here's
what's going on:

First, you should know that you aren't expected to work on these
tickets.  Docs writers will take them, and the information already in
the Change page is usually enough to get the process rolling. It helps
if you can answer any questions that might pop up, of course.

Each Change ticket is blocking two docs tickets. One is to track
representation of the Change in the official Release Notes that are
shipped with the media and published to . The
other is filed against the "docs-requests" component, which is
traditionally used to request new documentation or for task tracking.
This second bug is for us to do a general assessment of the existing
documentation - I'm expecting to do some tasteful grepping - and open
bugs for guides that need to be updated to reflect the Change.

While I've got your attention, I want to mention that if you have
anything interesting that might fit in the Release Notes - or any other
docs - you can jot a note in the wiki page at ,
mail the list at docs at , set the
fedora_requires_release_note flag in a bug, drop in to #fedora-docs.
Again, don't worry about presentation and such; it can be difficult to
know what needs to be written about in the distribution and a point in
the right direction really helps.

-- Pete Travis
 - Fedora Docs Project Leader
 - 'randomuser' on freenode
 - immanetize at

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