Proposed F19 Feature: First-Class Cloud Images

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Wed Jan 23 17:04:40 UTC 2013

= Features/FirstClassCloudImages =

Feature owner(s):  Matthew Miller <mattdm at fedoraproject dot org>  

This feature expands Fedora's current cloud image deliverables beyond just 
EC2, and overhauls how they are produced. The goal is to produce cloud images 
for EC2 and other cloud deployments for the Alpha, Beta, and Final compose 
process and distribute them on the mirror network. There will also be nightly 
or weekly image builds for Rawhide to assist with early development. All 
images should be constructed using a newer generation of tools. 

== Detailed description ==
    * New images that can be used in other cloud deployments (such as 
OpenStack, CloudStack, or Eucalyptus) will be produced. They will be in a 
qcow2 format and lack the EC2-specific customization. Images for this feature 
would ideally work for all cloud deployments and there will be i686 and x86_64 
versions of both image types. In total and "image drop" will have 4 images: 2 
arches for 2 different types (EC2, not-EC2).

   * An image drop will be produced for Alpha, Beta, and Final composes for 
Fedora 19 and forward.

   * Scratch build image drops will be produced on a weekly basis for Fedora 

   * Scratch build image drops will be produced on a weekly basis for Rawhide 
as well to enable early testing.

   * The Fedora Koji instance needs to be updated to a future release that 
will integrate with ImageFactory and Oz from the Aeolus Project. This future 
release is not implemented yet.

   * The EC2 images will be automatically uploaded and registered in EC2. The 
Final AMIs for Fedora 19 will be available in the Amazon marketplace. 

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