Proposed F19 Feature: Fedora Upgrade - using yum

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Wed Jan 23 18:04:03 UTC 2013

= Features/FedoraUpgrade =

Feature owner(s):  Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at> 

Upgrade Fedora to next version using yum upgrade. 

== Detailed description ==
In past (until Fedora 17) we could upgrade Fedora using Anaconda Upgrade and 

Now (in Fedora 18) we have only FedUp and previous methods are obsoleted.

I propose to have FedUp and FedoraUpgrade in Fedora 19.

FedUp is in fact yum-upgrade as well, but in dracut environment (aka off-line 
upgrade). Some devels say that offline upgrade is only way. But on-line upgrade 
is possible. E.g in Debian world it is even prefered method. In Fedora exist 
upgrade using yum as unofficial method for long time.

A lot of people are using upgrade using yum for long time and the "problem 
ratio" was at least on pair with Anaconda upgrade. In fact most problems comes 
from improper packaging. E.g. maintainer forgot to obsolete, so during upgrade 
user get file conflict. Once these problems are reported and fixed the upgrade is 
without problem.

And since FedUp is just different approach to yum-upgrade, FedUp will benefit 
from fixes on FedoraUpgrade (and vice versa).

I propose to support both FedUp and FedoraUpgrade and give user option.

If this method will be tested by FedoraQA, then I believe this upgrade method 
can be safely recommended to user. 

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