Proposed F19 Feature: MEMSTOMP

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Thu Jan 24 13:02:47 UTC 2013

= Features/MEMSTOMP =

Feature owner(s): Jeff Law <law at>

Include the MEMSTOMP DSOs in Fedora 19 to enable developers to more quickly 
detect certain library calls which result in undefined behaviour due to 
overlapping memory arguments.

== Detailed description ==
MEMSTOMP is a DSO which can be preloaded by an application to detect calls to 
library routines with overlapping memory arguments. Specifically MEMSTOMP will 
detect calls to the following routines with overalapping memory arguments:

[w]memcpy, str[n]cat, wcs[n]cat, str[n]cpy, wcs[n]cpy, [w]mempcpy, memccpy, 

While valgrind can detect these cases, using a DSO such as MEMSTOMP can be 
significantly faster.

The MEMSTOMP code utilizes GPLV2+ and LGPL3 code. The GPLV2+ code is limited 
to the backtrace code which is not thread safe and may need to be 

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