Proposed F19 Feature: systemd features

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Sun Jan 27 13:54:49 UTC 2013

Announcing various systemd features in one announcement, see bellow:

= Features/SystemdCalendarTimers =

Feature owner(s): Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering dot net>

systemd has supported timer units for activating services based on time since 
its inception. However, it only could schedule services based on monotonic 
time events (i.e. "every 5 minutes"). With this feature in place systemd also 
supports calendar time events (i.e. "every monday morning 6:00 am", or "at 
midnight on every 1st, 2nd, 3rd of each month if that's saturday or sunday").  

= Features/SystemdHardwareDatabase =

Feature owner(s): Kay Sievers <kay at redhat dot com> 

The udevd service has a long history of managing kernel devices. Besides 
generating events when devices are discovered or removed it maintains a 
dynamic, stateless database of all available devices including meta data about 
them. With Fedora 19 we want to substantially enhance the metadata that udev 
keeps for each device, by augmenting it from a userspace database of non-
essential information, that is indexed by device identification data such as 
PCI/USB vendor/product IDs. 

= Features/SystemdLightweightContainers =

Feature owner(s): Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering dot net>

For a longer time systemd already included the systemd-nspawn tool as a more 
powerful version of chroot(1), primarily inteded for use in development, 
experimenting, debugging, instrumentation, testing and building of software. 
With Fedora 19 we want to make nspawn considerably more useful, so that it can 
easily be used to start containers capable of booting up a complete and 
unmodified Fedora distribution inside as normal system services.

= Features/SystemdMessageCatalog =

Feature owner(s): Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering dot net>

Logging is essential for finding and tracking down system problems. Just finding 
and tracking them down however is seldom enough to actually get them fixed. 
With Journal Message Catalogs we want to link helpful meta information 
directly to many log messages applications generate, keyed off an ID 
identifying the type of message. This localized meta information can help the 
user to fix the problem, refer him to additional documentation, or even inform 
him where to get further help. 

= Features/SystemdResourceControl =

Feature owner(s): Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering dot net>

systemd already has support for assigning specific resources to system services 
using various configuration settings. With Fedora 19 we'd like to build on 
that, and add the ability for the admin to dynamically query the resource 
control parameters and change them at runtime.

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