Proposed F19 Feature: GNOME 3.8

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Sun Jan 27 15:24:58 UTC 2013

= Features/Gnome3.8 =

Feature owner(s): Matthias Clasen <mclasen at>

Update GNOME to the latest upstream release.

== Detailed description ==
GNOME 3.8 continues development along the lines of 3.6:

 * Building out the central features of GNOME 3:
 - A new panel will allow to configure GNOME shell search, and applications can 
provide search results to the shell
- The display of search results in the GNOME shell overview was redesigned
- Notifications can be configured in a new panel
- Privacy settings are collected in a new panel
- Sharing (mainly of data, in the local network) can be centrally controlled 
in a new panel 

* Support for OwnCloud in Online Accounts

* Better accessibility

* Improved IBus integration
- Modifier-only shortcuts can be set in the Keyboard panel
- IMEs can have menu items in the statusmenu (the whitelist was removed)
- Per-window changes of input source are possible again
- Nicer candidate popups 

* New applications
- A note-taking app
- A new photo app
- A new clock app 

* Fallback mode is going away in 3.8. Instead, there will be a set of 
supported extensions that is grouped together in a 'classic' mode, which 
provides a more GNOME 2-like user experience 

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