Proposed F19 Feature: MATE Desktop 1.6

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Sun Jan 27 18:26:46 UTC 2013

= Features/MATE-Desktop-1.6 =

Feature owner(s): Dan Mashal <dan.mashal AT fedoraproject DOT org>

MATE Desktop is based on GNOME 2 and provides an intuitive and attractive 
desktop to Linux users who seek a simple, easy to use traditional interface. 

== Detailed description ==
MATE is a traditional Gnome 2 like desktop user interface. Many users have 
expressed interest in this feature since Fedora 15 in which Fedora was 
switched from Gnome 2 to Gnome 3.

For the advanced user that doesn't want a cutting edge desktop and just wants 
to keep it simple this is perfect for them.

The popularity of MATE Desktop is very high. It is one of the 2 choices of 
DE's for Linux Mint which is one of the most popular Linux distros out right 

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