Proposed F19 Feature: Developers Assistant

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Mon Jan 28 11:16:41 UTC 2013

= Features/DevelopersAssistant =

Feature owner(s): Jan Zelený <jzeleny at>, Marcela Mašláňová 
<mmaslano at> 

Perform a series of various changes to improve developer experience on Fedora.

== Detailed description ==
This feature aims on setting up development environment for various languages. 
Target groups include beginning developers but also experienced developers not 
used to GNU/Linux as well as experienced Linux developers not used to Fedora.

This feature will cover a basic set of tasks which will prepare Fedora for 
later additions. The first part of the feature is a review of comps groups 
which would lead to better granularity of package sets necessary for 
development in different languages. Another part is about providing tool or 
tools for simple start of a project in terms of creating project template 
based on different languages and/or frameworks which the project should use.

There are other optional activities like vim/eclipse/emacs/... plugins, 
integration of rpm build tools, .... These optional parts are not goal for F19 
but they will be integrated in time.

    C (phracek)
    Ruby (vondruch)
    Python (bkabrda)
    Perl (mmaslano)
    PHP (rcollet)
    Java (msrb)

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