Proposed F19 Feature: MinGW GCC 4.8

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Mon Jan 28 11:36:57 UTC 2013

= Features/MinGW GCC 4.8 =

Feature owner(s): Erik van Pienbroek <epienbro at> 

Update the mingw-gcc cross-compiler to gcc 4.8 and rebuild all MinGW packages 
against it.

== Detailed description ==
The Fedora MinGW SIG maintains over a large number of packages which allows 
users to build binaries for the win32 and win64 targets using the mingw-w64 
toolchain. One of the goals of the Fedora MinGW SIG is to have the package 
versions as close as possible to their native counterparts as mentioned in our 
packaging guidelines. 

As gcc 4.8 was accepted as a feature for Fedora 19 we intend to update the 
mingw-gcc package in Fedora 19 as well to gcc 4.8.

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