Proposed F19 Feature: New firstboot

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Mon Jan 28 11:46:40 UTC 2013

= Features/NewFirstboot =

Feature owner(s): Martin Sivák <msivak at>

This feature proposes new initial setup application with better integration to 
the NewUI anaconda and to Gnome Initial Experience. 

== Detailed description ==
Since the Anaconda installer moved to the NewUI Hub and Spoke concept, we can 
reuse much of it's architecture and screens in the after reboot configuration 
utility -- initial-setup. So the idea behind the firstboot replacement is that 
we will have a new app that will use the same Hub and Spoke model and the same 
API as Anaconda.

This will give us the possibility of letting the user configure his system 
either during the package extraction or after reboot (important for OEMs). It 
will also allow other teams (power management, security team, IPA) to prepare 
their own screens for Anaconda and initial-setup and so further enhancing the 
user experience.

Anaconda, initial-setup and Gnome Inital Experience will communicate to ensure 
the screens are not shown multiple times. So for example the root password 
setup or user creation process will be done only in one place, depending on 
the installed system.

The old Firstboot will still stay as a fallback in case somebody still has his 
old Firstboot plugins he needs to use. 

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