Proposed F19 Feature: AnacondaNewUI Followup

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Tue Jan 29 14:15:31 UTC 2013

= Features/AnacondaNewUI Followup =

Feature owner(s): Chris Lumens <clumens at>

The purpose of this feature is to describe the high level work items we have 
for anaconda related to newui in F-19.

== Detailed description ==
    * Add in advanced storage capabilities in to the UI (device filtering, 
multipath/iscsi/zfcp/fcoe configuration, etc).
    * Make system-config-kickstart work again. The removal of 
iw/ from anaconda caused it to break. (#859928)
    * Move to a some tool that prevents or avoids the GTK+ redraw ugliness 
(e.g., mutter). (#858684)
    * Review UX design suggestions from different users and groups and 
incorporate adjustments that make sense and work well with the overall design.
    * Improve anaconda's threading. Right now it is difficult to tell what 
thread a method is executing in and whether or not you can do GTK calls 
directly. We need either a policy or a technical solution to this.
    * Allow selecting multiple disks. (#864707)
    * Allow a faster way of deleting everything on a disk. (#880686)
    * Add repo needs to work.
    * Updates checkbox needs to work. Needs backend code and then made visible 
in the UI.
    * Add new firstboot-type questions to the second hub (dependent on the 
firstboot work, which is another feature).
    * Expand text mode to offer more or the same installation options as the 
graphical mode. We don't anticipate the text mode being capable of 100% 
similarity to the graphical mode, but we want it to be closer than where it is 
now. As it stands, it is comparable to the former reduced text mode in F-17 
and earlier.
    * Use the blivet storage module in anaconda once that code is broken out 
in to a separate project (blivet is the name of the anaconda storage library 
becoming a standalone Python module).

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