Proposed F19 Feature: More Mobile Broadband

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Tue Jan 29 14:55:42 UTC 2013

= Features/MoreMobileBroadband =

Feature owner(s): Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat dot com>
New mobile broadband devices supporting multiple technologies (eg, 
CDMA/EVDO/LTE and/or GSM/UMTS/LTE) and using new proprietary protocols are 
becoming common in the marketplace, and are not well supported by ModemManager 
0.6 and earlier. We developed ModemManager 0.7/0.8 with a new API specifically 
to address this issue and to be more compatible with future mobile broadband 

== Detailed description ==
Multi-mode Qualcomm-based devices have on the market since 2009 and support 
multiple WWAN technologies, often at the same time or with a runtime firmware 
change. CDMA-based carriers migrating to LTE (like Verizon, Sprint, China 
Telecom, KDDI, etc) require these multi-mode devices to ensure that coverage 
is not interrupted when handoff between CDMA/EVDO and LTE occurs.

ModemManager 0.6's D-Bus API simply could not be extended to handle these 
cases, and due to this, the opportunity was taken to rewrite the API to ensure 
future functionality could be more easily supported in the D-Bus API.

Additionally, most newer Qualcomm chipsets (which the majority of phones and 
data cards contain) use the proprietary QMI protocol for most operations 
instead of their limited AT command port. We have developed the libqmi library 
to support these devices, and ModemManager 0.7 and later use libqmi to provide 
fully-featured support for these Qualcomm devices. 

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