Proposed F19 Feature: Ease Of Use: System Management with OpenLMI

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Tue Jan 29 15:24:50 UTC 2013

= Features/OpenLMIEaseOfUse =

Feature owner(s): Tomáš Smetana <tsmetana at >
Add providers and capabilites to the OpenLMI infrastructure that would ease 
the remote system management. 

== Detailed description ==
The OpenLMI project provides a common infrastructure for the management of 
Linux systems. The goal is to add the missing parts that would enable remote 
management of a Fedora system:

* Complete the CIM storage API to allow for a better remote storage management
* Add a new provider and extend the existing ones to allow for a remote 
hardware information retrieval (HW inventory)
* Add a new provider that would allow for a remote AD/Kerberos realms 
* Add a new provider that would allow for a remote Firewall management 
(open/close a particular port) through firewalld
* Improve the software management in OpenLMI to allow for a comprehensive 
remote package management
* Add and improve the remote system monitoring using OpenLMI
* Improve the OpenLMI Shell to allow for a quick and easy scriptable remote 
* Allow to use OpenLMI under selinux enforcing policy
* Possibly add providers to allow management also other system parts: 
Containers, SELinux, SCAP scans, performance monitoring

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