Proposed F19 Feature: NetworkManager Bonding Support

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Wed Jan 30 13:01:08 UTC 2013

= Features/NetworkManagerBonding =

Feature owner(s):  Pavel Šimerda <psimerda at>, Dan Williams <dcbw 
at redhat dot com> 

NetworkManager should be able to configure bond master interfaces with commonly 
used options and recognize their existing configuration on startup without 
disrupting their operation.

== Detailed description ==
NetworkManager's existing support for bond interfaces covers a limited number 
of use-cases and can conflict with existing bonding configurations created by 
tools like libvirt. The purpose of this Fedora feature is to implement more 
flexible bonding infrastructure in NetworkManager to support an expanded number 
of use-cases and to be more cooperative with other users of bonding.

Support will be added to NetworkManager to detect the existing configuration of 
a bond interface and its slaves and to seamless "take over" that connection 
without disrupting it. Even if the existing configuration is not backed by 
ifcfg files on-disk, NetworkManager will leave that configuration on the 
interface unless told to change it by the user via GUI or CLI tools. 
Additional bond interface configuration will be added to expand the use-cases 
and hardware that NetworkManager can configure (eg primary, use_carrier, 
xmit_hash_policy, etc). 

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