Proposed F19 Feature: Realmd FreeIPA Support

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Wed Jan 30 13:59:19 UTC 2013

= Features/RealmdFreeIpaSupport =

Feature owner(s): Stef Walter <stefw at>

realmd currently supports discovery and configuring of Active Directory 
domains. With this feature it will also include support for FreeIPA domains.  

== Detailed description ==
realmd is an on demand system DBus service, which allows callers to configure 
network authentication and domain membership in a standard way. realmd 
discovers information about the domain or realm automatically and does not 
require complicated configuration in order to join a domain or realm.

realmd will be able to be used with FreeIPA. Current GUI and CLI tools that 
use realmd to join Active Directory domains will now be able to seamlessly 
join FreeIPA domains as well. 

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