ARM arches in F19 and forward.

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Wed Jan 30 20:05:51 UTC 2013

Hi all,

This is just a note for a wider audience. the Fedora ARM has dropped
support for software floating point going forward,  we will only be
building hardware floating point binaries from Fedora 19 on.  it was
discussed at FUDCon and on the arm list the FUDCon notes
show that we were going to look at having F19 be the last softfp
supporting release after further thought and discussion we are dropping
from F19 and F18 will be the last release supporting sfp so those with
sfp only devices, which the only supported ones are kirkwood based
devices like the guruplug will get software support for about 1 year

The Raspberry Pi will be supported by the efforts at Seneca College
with armv6hl it will support hardware floating point. 

Longer term we will start to support aarch64 



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