Proposed F19 Feature: QXL/Spice KMS Driver

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Thu Jan 31 11:52:12 UTC 2013

= Features/QXLKMSSupport =

Feature owner(s): Alon Levy <alevy at>

Currently the QXL driver is only, a KMS driver is required to move 
forward with projects like spice 3D, and also to allow more features to be 
show in virt environments like plymouth. 

== Detailed description ==
The current spice GPU driver for Linux guests is an only driver. A 
kernel modesetting driver needs to be developed along with a new driver 
that runs on top of it. Additionally the kernel driver will allow it to work 
with the modesetting DDX driver. The new ioctl interface the driver will 
expose will allow updating the qxl DDX driver to work on it. The new driver 
needs to support all revisions of the qxl device. 

Btw. Feature has been already proposed as Fedora 18 feature but was postponed 
for Fedora 19.

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