Proposed F19 Feature: System Configuration Shell

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Thu Jan 31 19:08:46 UTC 2013

= Features/SystemConfigurationShell =

Feature owner(s): Tom Schwaller <tom dot schwaller at web dot de>

The System Configuration Shell System provides an easy to use interactive 
command line interface with a standardized syntax to manage your system. 

== Detailed description ==
Network Administrators love their very powerful switch/router/firewall/etc. CLI 
which can be used for all administrative tasks in a very structured and well 
documented way. Compare that to classical Linux System Administration which is 
a mix of editing configuration files using different formats and executing 
commands & scripts with a heterogeneous syntax. The System Configuration Shell 
will provide an interactive command line interface using the python-configshell 
framework with a standardized syntax to manage your system. It consists of the 
command configsh which starts an interactive shell and can also be used in 
shell scripts and the command config for one-shot configuration commands (e.g. 
config hostname which not only executes hostname but also changes several configuration files to make the 
new hostname permanent).

The System Configuration Shell will facilitate the Linux System administrators 
daily work. Since every command is logged (in a verbose mode even showing the 
exact system commands and scripts executed), each administrator can decide 
him/herself if he/she feels comfortable using standard parts (or local 
extensions) the System Configuration Shell. The approach is similar to the 
OpenWrt UCI Command Line Utility or the Vyatta vbash but using a different 

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