Flock proposals now open for community voting

Tom Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Mon Jun 3 16:36:11 UTC 2013

Thanks to the Fedora Community for submitting 125 awesome talks,
hackfests, sprints and workshops for Flock, our new contributor conference!

We've taken those submissions and put them in the Fedora Elections web
application, and now, it is time for you to give us your feedback. These
proposals have been submitted by the Fedora community and we want the
Fedora community to tell us what _you_ want to see! Even if you cannot
attend Flock in person, these sessions will be streamed and recorded, so
your vote is appreciated!

If you have a Fedora Account (they are free to create), and have agreed
to the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement (FPCA), you can vote for the
125 submissions here:


Need a Fedora Account? Go to:

Want to know more about Flock? Go to:

The way that the voting works is this:

For each submission, you can give it any score between 0 ("do not want")
and 125 ("WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT!!!!"). Next to every submission title
is a link to the abstract for the submission, which usually (though not
always) contains a longer explanation. These submissions are mostly
anonymized (some people put their names or enough details in the
abstracts to make it obvious who the proposed speakers were). This is
intentional, as we are trying to eliminate an area of potential bias. We
want the ideas behind these submissions to be the area of focus, and not
be overly biased by the speaker.

Voting is now open, and will remain open until 2013-06-10 04:00:00 UTC
(12:00 AM Eastern Time).

Please note: While the voting results will weigh heavily upon the final
Flock schedule, they will not be used as the sole determination for
accepted talks.

On behalf of everyone working on Flock, thanks,

Tom Callaway

Fedora Project

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