Adjustments to _hardened_build and %configure macro in rawhide

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Jan 13 20:36:04 UTC 2014


Packages currently using the _hardened_build macro that also use
libtool may have been built only with "partial" RELRO instead of full
RELRO protections.

A workaround has been added today to the redhat-rpm-config package in
rawhide to fix this issue. Maintainers are encouraged to check their
_hardened_build packages to confirm that they rebuild correctly with
full RELRO protections. Additionally since this change is in the
%configure macro used by many packages, maintainers that find
regressions due to this change should file bugs on the
redhat-rpm-macros package or note them in

You can check your package for RELRO by unpacking it and running the
hardening-check tool from the hardening-check package over it's


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