Summer 2014 FESCo Special Election

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Tue Jul 1 15:30:53 UTC 2014

We have three open seats on FESCo, the Fedora Engineering Steering
Committee. The policy for filling open seats states that we first check with
the runners-up from the previous election; as they have declined, the policy
is for FESCo to select replacements. We've decided that an open election is
the best way to do that selection.

Details on the election are available at


and the schedule will be as follows:

   July 2 - 7: Nomination Period (closes promptly at 23:59:59 UTC on July 7)

   July 2 - 7: Questionnaire form open for the community to submit questions
               for the candidates.

   July 7 - 10: Candidates Questionnaire. Results will be posted to the wiki
                prior to the townhall

   July 10 - 15: Townhall

   July 15 - 22: Voting Period (closes promptly at 23:59:59 UTC on July 22)

   July 23: Announce Results 

Note that these elections will fill the seats for the remainder of the term,
with the first two winners serving until next spring and the third until
after the F21 release this fall.

If you are interested in helping Fedora in this way, please add yourself to
the list of nominees at

As a FESCo member, you will be part of the Fedora's technical leadership
team. See
for details of responsibilities. FESCo has a weekly IRC meeting to decide on
open issues; you should plan to attend that regularly, and to spend some
time understanding those issues before the meeting so that we can proceed

Even if you are not interested in running, you can help with the electoral
process by adding some questions to the Questionnaire for this election:

Thanks to Jaroslav Reznik for coordinating this election!

Matthew Miller
<mattdm at>
Fedora Project Leader

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