PkgDB2 is now in production

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at
Wed May 14 22:51:24 UTC 2014

After more than 15 months in development, today we deployed pkgdb2
into production at

pkgdb is the application that manages package metadata for Fedora, including
commit access for packagers, bugzilla assignment, and scm changes notifications.

A few of the more notable changes in this new version of pkgdb: 

* Redesigned interface: faster and cleaner
* Packages no longer have 'owners', instead
  there is now a 'point of contact' who is assigned bugs in bugzilla.
* Now uses Fedora OpenID for authentication
* Provide a clearly defined and documented API
  (but completely different from the pkgdb1 one)
* Re-written in the flask framework

There might still be minor bugs or un-expected features, if you face some of
them please let us know.

For more information, see: 

Project page:
Git repository:
Github mirror:
Mailing list:

Many thanks to the hard work of the Fedora Infrastructure development team

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