Migration to Zanata

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at fedoraproject.org
Wed Nov 26 05:13:59 UTC 2014

Hi Fedora developers

Having the consensus with FESCo [1], we FLP (aka translation team) have
started the process of migration to new fedora.zanata.org instance from
Transifex [2]. First all translators started to migrate in November 2014
(still going on).

Now it is time to migrate all projects. This is expected to start after
F21 GA. For the owners of the projects, there are two options to choose
for the migration below.

One: Delegate us to implement migration
If this option is chosen, partially automated migration will be
performed by Zanata team. Once it completes, then the owner visits new
place and confirms everything intact (Some manual adjustment may be

Two: Manual migration
If this option is chosen, the owner performs all the migration process
by his/her self. Please advise the estimated completion date.

I have attached the list of all the target projects below. If any
package is missing and it should be added into the list, please let me know.

Could all Fedora developers please go through the list and advise which
option is preferred for your project, so that we will be able to
schedule them? For option One, we need to know current
maintainer's/owner's contact.

Package Name		Group
ABRT			main
Anaconda		main
Authconfig		main
Blivet			main
certmonger		main
chkconfig		main
comps			main
fedora-desktop-backgrounds	main
fedora-initscripts		main
fedora-preupgrade		main
firewalld		main
Firstboot		main
gnome-abrt		main
gss-ntlmssp	new	main
Ibus-chewing		main
ibus-xkb		main
Im-chooser		main
imsettings		main
initial-setup		main
Iindic On-screen Keyboard	main
libreport		main
libuser			main
krb5		new	main
Linux-PAM		main
liveusb-creator		main
mlocate			main
pam_krb5		main
passwd			main
pkinit-nss		main
Policycoreutils		main
pykickstart		main
python-meh		main
readahead		main
redhat-menus		main
setroubleshoot		main
setuptool		main
system-config-audit		main
system-config-bind		main
system-config-boot		main
system-config-date		main
system-config-firewall		main
system-config-kdump		main
system-config-keyboard		main
system-config-kickstart		main
system-config-language		main
system-config-lvm		main
system-config-network		main
system-config-nfs		main
system-config-printer		main
system-config-samba		main
system-config-services		main
system-config-users		main
Usermode	depricated?	main

Package Name	Group
Entangle	upstream
expendable	upstream
FreeIPA		upstream
gfs2-utils	upstream
hivex		upstream
IBus		upstream
Ibus-libpinyin	upstream
input-pad	upstream
Is It Fedora Ruby	upstream
libguestfs	upstream
Libosinfo	upstream
libvirt		upstream
libvirt-glib	upstream
libvirt-sandbox	upstream
newt		upstream
rhel-comps	upstream
Spacewalk	upstream
SSSD		upstream
virt-top	upstream
virt-v2v	upstream
virt-viewer	upstream
volume_key	upstream
virt-manager	upstream


Many thanks in advance.

Noriko Mizumoto
Fedora Localization Project

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