Open Seats on the Fedora Packaging Committee

Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski dominik at
Mon Sep 22 14:37:22 UTC 2014

The Fedora Packaging Committee has two open seats and is accepting
submissions from interested candidates to serve on the FPC.

This position involves not only reviewing Packaging Guideline drafts
submitted to the FPC for consideration, but also rewriting drafts
(sometimes from scratch) to resolve the issue in a more acceptable
fashion. Additionally, the FPC reviews bundling exceptions (and UID/GID
soft static assignment). The FPC meets on IRC weekly, Wednesdays at 1600
UTC, for approximately an hour. FPC members serve for as long as they
are willing, there are currently no term limits. All decisions are voted
on using a +1 (for), 0 (abstain), and -1 (against) mechanism, and all
decisions must be approved by a majority (+5). FPC Meetings do not
happen if quorum (5) is not present.

Candidates who are interested should provide the following details to
the FPC for consideration, by emailing it directly to me
(dominik at The FPC will consider all candidates, but
strongly prefers candidates who have extensive experience packaging in
Fedora. We will accept applications for the next week (deadline
Wednesday Oct 1, 2014).

FAS Account:
Provenpackager? (Yes/No):
Main area of packaging interest/expertise:
Reason(s) for willing to join the FPC:

Thanks in advance,
"Faith manages."
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