SCM processing changes for new packages and branches

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Oct 12 19:42:03 UTC 2015


For the entire history of Fedora adding new packages, requesting new
branches for existing packages and other similar requests have been
done via copying and pasting a template into a bugzilla bug, where it
was scraped by a script to process the requests.

With recent additions to pkgdb2, we are now able to replace this error 
prone and manual process.

I've created:
with further information. Basically requests now can be made directly
in pkgdb (optionally pulling information from bugzilla). 

We have modified our processing script that checks for requests in
bugzilla to make a note about the new process and unset the old
fedora-cvs flag.

Note: The new process remains manual for new packages, so there will
still be a delay between when you make the request and when it is
processed for them. FMN will announce you when the request is processed
and the branch is created.

Please let us know at:
if you run into any issues with the process. 

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